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This page highlights recent selling prices we have seen in the market that are above the item’s original retail pricing. Let us know if you have bought or sold any of our retired items!

(Listed by sport, from oldest to most recent prices realized. These are listings from independent retailers or consumers and are in no way affiliated with or sponsored by OYO, or necessarily recommended by OYO)

Recent OYO Items Prices Realized:

High Value:

’14 Hall of Fame Set $300  Dan Marino HOF $100  Emmitt Smith HOF $100 Another sold in January                        Trout MVP $70 in Nov

Vegas Summit OYO $499.97! Yogi Berra G1 sells for $99.99, Ortiz 2000 hits $299.99, and a Pujols/Molina World Series 2011 minifigures close for over $100 at auction!

A set of Cubs WS Champs sells for $274.35, a G1 Emmitt Smith sells for $89.99, and a Jeter “Game Used” look retirement series 7 minifigure for $69.99, all at auction in May 2018.

In August this Champ Baily G1 eclipsed $80 at auction. A rare set of G1 Seahawks was sold in Sept ’18 for $200, while a G2 Set sold for $250 on 10/5. on 10/9.

Wright Final Ed $65         Seahawks G2 Set $250   Seahawks G2 Offensive Line Set $92  Ryan Braun ASG 2012 $49.95 2/18/19   Acuna First Edition sells for $50 3/1/19

Cubs 10th Inning set $160 3/1/19, Trammell on 3/14/19  and 1 of the 10 JTs sells for $69.99 on 3/15/19


Derek Jeter – See the Derek Jeter Checklist here – Derek Jeter OYOCollector_Checklist

Jeter Retirement $17.95   Jeter Away Jersey $14.95 Jeter Little League $11.99  Jeter 260 HR #’d $30.00


Jeter 2012 G1 $49.95        Jeter G1 $19.99             Jeter #’d to 260 HR $30  Jeter G3 $19.99

Jeter G5 #’d 2017 $16    Jeter Spring Training $39.95 Curtain Call $19.99      Retirement Set $41.99

Retirement Set $41.99    HR Numbered Jan 2018  Jeter MILB Jan 2018          Jeter Dugout Set Jan 2018

David Ortiz 

Ortiz 2012 G1 $79.95                  Ortiz G2 Beard $24.99     Ortiz G2 STrain $12.55  Ortiz Retirement $19.99

Ortiz 2012 G1 $24.99       Ortiz Retirement $19.99     Ortiz G1 2011 $29.00 G2 Spring Train $24.95 May 2018

Ortiz G1 ASG $24.95    Ortiz G2 WS Champ $24.96  2000Hit G2 $49.99 WS Champ Ortiz Jan 2018

Ortiz ASG G1 sells for $45 both on 7/21, 8/6,  and another on 8/27

Mike Trout





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