OYO celebrates Mario Andretti!

Mario Andretti is a legend in Auto Racing.

We couldn’t write his accomplishments better than his official bio on his website, so here it is:

Not many have driven a race car better than Mario Andretti. He could make a bad car competitive and a competitive car victorious. He won the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, the Formula One World Championship and the Pikes Peak Hillclimb. He won the Indy Car National Championship four times and was a three-time winner at Sebring. He won races in sports cars, sprint cars and stock cars – on ovals, road courses, drag strips, on dirt and on pavement. He won at virtually every level of motorsports since he arrived in America from his native Italy at age 15. He is a racing icon, considered by many to be the greatest race car driver in the history of the sport.

Assessing his legacy is easy…he drove the careers of three men. He drove with a passion and joy that few have equaled – and he won. Mario Andretti took the checkered flag 111 times during his career – a career that stretched five decades. And he was competitive all of those years: He was named Driver of the Year in three different decades (the 60s, 70s, 80s), Driver of the Quarter Century (in the 90s) and the Associated Press named him Driver of the Century in January, 2000.

The admiration for Andretti has been for his achievements on the race track. He is in the very elite, top-superstar category of his game. 

The first of Mario’s great IndyCar wins came in 1965 at the Hoosier Grand Prix. His Legend status started in 1969 with his first win at the Indianapolis 500. This race was a highlight of a 1969 season that scored him 9 wins and 5 pole positions, as well as the National Indy Car title. At the Indy 500 that year, Mario established 15 of 20 new records, and led the race for a total of 116 laps. Staggering in auto racing. This being his 50th Anniversary of that great race, OYO is pleased to commemorate this achievement with a series of minifigures for this legend.

The first one, pictured above, commemorates Mario in a replica of his 1969 firesuit and his trademark balaclava (face mask) from the race.  This special minifigure is sequentially numbered to 500 pieces.

We also have a commemorative 50th Anniversary Mario Andretti minifigure, in his 50th Anniversary logo firesuit and cap. This will only be offered in 2019.

Finally, we have created a Collectors Boxed set about the Andretti Family. Mario is the first generation of Andrettis in Auto Racing, but his son Michael, and Grandson Marco have done well on their own in the sport. In this unique set all 3 stand side by side, on the special Brickyard themed 50th Anniversary display plate. This will also only be offered in 2019, and is a must have collection for fans of legendary athletes, Indy Car or Auto Racing as a whole.

This is OYO’s third season in Auto Racing, and we are so happy to partner with Indy Car for these fun construction toys.

All items will be available while supply lasts, trackside at Indy Car races, and the Indy Car website.

Happy Hunting!


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