Vlad Guerrero Jr has arrived at OYO

It is always amazing when MLB has a legacy within a family. The newest one with the Guerreros is an amazing tribute to Canada’s influence on the game, and vice-versa.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr started on Friday for the Blue Jays.  His long anticipated debut for the Jays may be ushering in a new era of Jays young stars and a return to their Champions form in Toronto.

Vlad Jr is the son of Expo great and Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero.  Vlad Jr was born in Montreal in 1999 while his Dad was having an amazing year for the Expos, hitting .316 with 42 HRs and 131 RBIs! Vladimir Guerrero finished his career with 9 ASG appearances, 8 Silver Slugger Awards, 449 HRs, and a career batting average of .318! He entered the hall of fame in 2018. We produced a Hall of Fame induction minifigure for the Hall of Fame to honor his achievement a year ago, which was numbered to just 100 minifigures.

Vlad Jr’s first minifigure has just released! The first print run was sequentially numbered to 250 minifigures (First Edition), and subsequent print runs are not numbered and progressing. We captured his personality in his custom facial features and his trademark dreds on the back of his head.  We anticipate this will be the first of many minifigures as all experts expect this Baseball America top prospect to have a long and fruitful career.

Happy Hunting!


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