OYO’s recent collector interest has increased prices realized

OYO has always recognized that many fans collect their favorite minifigures. We have created unique versions to allow fans who collect to have the opportunity to have something special – whether it may be a special edition, a rookie first edition, an All Star or special uniform, or a Champions piece.

At the same time, some of our regular minifigures due to the demand at the time, or the short time they were available are produced in some low quantities too. Our Master Checklists hosted on this site, showcase all the items made for a sport, and for items retired from production, the runs we made.

This first quarter of 2019 is wrapping up, and we have seen some of the out of print OYOs sell well, and for surprisingly high prices.

We have also seen some unique items sell, items that we haven’t seen to be available at all for some time.

This Ronald Acuna Players Weekend minifigure is sequentially numbered to 50 pieces, and sold for $50 on March 1st.

It is rare for us to see the Cubs 2016 World Series minifigure sets up for sale now – and one closed for $160 – a pretty standard price for these but they are few and far between.

A great deal on a 2014 Mike Trout Rookie of the Year for $15 was grabbed up by someone, and likewise a numbered Draft Pick minifigure of Mitch Trubitsky (only 79 minifigures for his first one were made) sold for $20, both of these we believe to be awesome buys for someone.

We made 10 of the Marlins JT Realmuto right before he was traded to the Phillies, and one of those sold for $69.99, and one of the HOF Induction pieces of Alan Trammell that were numbered to just 100 sold for $39.95. There have not been many of the new HOF Induction minifigures available for sale. Likewise two excellent deals on a Gen 1 Mariano Rivera for $19.99 and an Ichiro 3000 hit piece from his time of the Yankees (sequentially numbered to 311) for $14.99 are excellent pick ups of future Hall of Famers.

We also saw a pick up on the retired MLS players, not all of them noteworthy but many more transactions, as well as a Colin Kapernick from his college days at Nevada sell for $14.99.

If you have any recent purchases you wish to share, or are looking for any particular out of print OYOs, please let us know. For a library of sold, out of print items, actively traded on the open markets, see our Prices Realized section of our site.

Happy Hunting!

2 thoughts on “OYO’s recent collector interest has increased prices realized

  • March 29, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    they have a mothers day Paul Goldschmidt with regular Goldschmidt and lamb for $18 on eBay

  • August 22, 2019 at 1:31 am

    How accurate are your reported production numbers? I own (18) NFL Gen 3 Andrus Peat Saints figures and I could buy 17 more right now from some seller on EBay. That right there is 35 pieces between just us two people but your checklist states less than 25 were made “Lucky You”. Big difference in numbers. I wonder how many more are out there over your reported number??


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