American Pride minifigures and sets

The most watched spectator sport in America right now is politics. It’s fascinating, changing, has teams and favorites. No matter who inspires you, America’s passions for their political heroes, and rivals, are very real.

OYO is pleased to launch a line of minifigures and playsets for all of the amazing people who do serve, and have served, these United States.

For the initial launch, we are making Presidents and Supreme Court Justices.

Our first President, George Washington, and our 16th, Abraham Lincoln are followed by all Presidents from the 35th John F Kennedy through to the 45th Donald Trump. Each minifigure is crafted in a suit and tie well known to be worn by the individual, either in an appearance or the official portrait. A campaign slogan or famous quote is printed for the accompanying sign that is also included. We will plan to add Presidents as a limited time offer to round out the entire collection of 45 Presidents, and of course add new Presidents as they are elected. The Presidents are planned to launch on March 15 online and at retailers throughout the USA.

Speaking of Candidates, in April we will launch the collection of 2020 Presidential Candidates. The hopefuls in play! Beto O’Rourke is our first candidate out, and we will continue to launch many new candidates on a regular basis – see the current plan as attached in the checklist linked below.


The seated bench of the Supreme Court will also be offered by OYO in minifigure form, from RBG the longest serving justice to the new nominated Brett Kavanaugh. The justices will start to launch in April online and at retailers throughout the USA and continue to come out monthly until the bench is complete.

OYO American Pride minifigures are great for all who collect, play, appreciate history, or are engaged in our political life. Lighten up with these fun minifigures that are inspired in a whimsical way to the look of our leaders. Yes, these are parodies, made of your favorite Head of State, or Wannabe Commander in Chief  – have fun vetoing the bill sent by Capital Hill! Serious issues inspire serious play!

And as OYO does with it’s First Editions, the very first production run of each of these amazing individual’s minifigures will be sequentially numbered. These will be shipped out to the early orders, to both retailers and consumers, at random. These are not offered independently and we don’t guarantee orders will receive a first edition minifigure- it should be considered a nice bonus for those who are lucky enough to get one. The first production run of these, and the numbering, will range from 100 to 250 depending on the figure.

Display your minifigure collection on the special display plate. These display plates will hold from 36-48 minifigures on a digitally printed plate that measures 7.5″ x 15″.

To accompany the minifigures, we are offering a fun play set game – our TicTacToyo game will pit Democrats vs Republicans on the Xs and Os!  Let’s send some of these to DC and remind the members of both parties to work things out more cheerfully!

OYO’s American Pride – A little variation of our #playlikeapro tag, is now #playlikeapol!

See the current list of available American Heroes here – OYOToys American Pride Checklist

Happy Hunting!

4 thoughts on “American Pride minifigures and sets

    • March 22, 2019 at 12:17 pm

      Pls see our checklist and our article about the American Pride series – RBG is pictured, and the majority of all candidates are being released between now and May, in waves!

  • March 21, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    Liberalism has gotten to your designers… take me off you mailing list please!

    • March 22, 2019 at 12:19 pm

      We will take you off of our list, of course, as you request. However we are making both liberals and conservatives, as all Candidates, Presidents and Justices are being depicted. We aren’t choosing select ones, the first release was of our 45th President, a Conservative.


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