New MLB Play Sets debut from OYO for 2019!

OYO is excited for the forthcoming MLB season!

Three new play sets are available for Spring Training action from OYO. Build your way through winter, and get ready for the warmth of Spring, and Baseball!

Bullpen Carts

The vintage look of the bullpen carts from the 70s and 80s come to construction toys.

These carts that look like a baseball and were used to bring the relief pitchers in from the bullpen during a game. Fans love them, and a few have been restored as ballpark collectibles.

These 89 piece sets include a team fan minifigure to drive your favorite players around your field and play areas.

#playlikeapro with these new Bullpen Carts!


Parade Bus

Imagine your favorite team hosting a celebratory parade to salute their new Championship.

No matter how your favorite team’s season is on the field, off the field you are Champions!

These 191 piece sets include 3 minifigures – 2 fans, and a bus driver – with plenty of space for you to add your favorite players. Decals allow you to customize the bus with team slogans, and you can also customize the included sign that one of your fans is holding to cheer on the players!

Cut up some colored construction paper for confetti, and you are all set to play!



Pocket Racers

An inexpensive set that is fun to build! This small race car will fit on diecast car tracks, and is similar in size to a Hot Wheels car.

It’s easy to construct, and includes decals for your custom look.

This set comes with a team specific minifigure.


All 30 MLB teams are available for sale, and custom versions will be made for Minor League Teams!

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