JT Realmuto is traded -his new Marlin OYO had only 10 pieces made!

The OYO “curse” is well in effect… we just launched JT Realmuto in his new uniform for the Marlins, thinking that a trade wasn’t actually going to occur.

And of course one did a few days later…. to the Phillies he goes in exchange for Phils catcher Jorge Alfaro, top prospect pitcher Sixto Sanchez, pitcher Will Stewart and $250k in International bonus slot money.

So we have made exactly 10 JT Realmuto’s in his new black Marlins uniform. That’s right – only 10 pieces were made! And we’re going to giveaway 5 of them, as we had only shipped 5 at the time of the trade. These will be a true collectors item, since he won’t have even worn this uniform in a game.

If he matures into the Superstar many believe… this will be a sought after reminder of his early career steps to stardom!

Stay tuned for details of an upcoming contest, and if you are one of the truly lucky few to have one of these, WOW!

Happy Hunting!

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