Mariano Rivera – a unanimous HOF inductee

Mariano Rivera just became the first player to be elected by 100% of the Baseball Writers and is one of 2019’s inductees into the Hall of Fame.  The amazing closer of the New York Yankees will be inducted in August into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

He has had quite a few OYO minifigures.

His first minifigure was his Generation 1 , issued in March of 2012, in his home pinstripes.

In January of 2013, a small production run of Spring Training minifigures was released in his navy BP jersey. There were 100 or less Spring Training minifigures made, and one is for sale now at 28.99 from Toy Wiz. That actually seems to us like a pretty good deal relative to the qty made. A month later, his regular Generation 2 minifigure was released also in his navy uniform.

In the summer of 2013, Mariano announced his retirement, and was a member of the AL All Star team. We issued a special retirement minifigure and an ASG minifigure for his appearance cross town in Citifield when the Mets hosted the mid-summer classic. That ASG minifigure was his second lowest production with 250 or fewer minifigures made.

For fall of 2013, we made a run of 500 minifigures for Yankee Stadium to bid farewell to the Sandman. We also made a sequentially numbered edition of 652 minifigures – one for each of his saves as a Yankee. We included on the stand, in addition to the numbering, the data of that save… the date of that number’s save, the team he beat, and the final score for Mo’s save is on the stand! A truly unique item – no two of these are exactly the same. And there were 2 uniform jerseys included – one as #42, his number, and the other with his retirement logo. One of these recently sold for $29.99. We don’t see many of these offered with any regularity. One can assume as we get closer to the date of his induction, the prices of these are likely to climb given the likely increase in demand, and the fixed supply.

The Baseball Hall of Fame will have this summer an exclusive Induction edition minifigure, continuing their tradition of Induction OYO minifigures available in Cooperstown for the players entering the Hall each summer!

The greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera, is a legend. OYO was pleased to be in production for a small slice of his amazing career. We hope you enjoy his figures.

Which of his figures do you have, let us know!

Happy Hunting!

OYO Mariano Rivera Checklist

EBay Sales of Mariano’s minifigures:

Mariano’s OYO Minifigures


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