Matt Kemp’s hardest to find OYO

Matt Kemp’s surprise trade to the Reds caught many of us by surprise.

We had just created a home uniform version of his Generation 5 minifigure,  his first in some time.

They had quietly been added to our website just before Christmas, and a few alert fans noted this.  It was part of our 2019 launch of new minifigures, and we were working to get ahead.

And then he was traded by surprise.

Inadvertently, creating what will be one of the most challenging OYO minifigures for Matt Kemp fans to try to find. His Generation 5, Series 7 minifigure is in the “Lucky You” category, meaning that fewer than 25 copies were made of his figure- and it was many fewer than 25.  So, if you were one of his fans to buy one just before Christmas, Lucky You!

His new Reds minifigure is being designed now. Look for it at Spring Training!

Happy Hunting!

OYO Matt Kemp Checklist


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