Adrian Beltre has retired from the Rangers

In 2011, Adrian Beltre was one of the very first OYOs we created for our test launch. Then, as now, a member of the Texas Rangers, he was a top seller and an amazing Third Baseman for the Rangers. Adrian will be Ranger Hall of Famer in Texas, and almost assuredly to be a National Baseball Hall of Fame member, with 3166 hits, and 477 Home Runs. He played 21 seasons for the Mariners, RedSox and Rangers, and it is with the Rangers with whom his career will be most fondly remembered. Only 3B Brooks Robinson in his HOF career with the Orioles played more games at Third Base. Adrian played in 2759 games!!

His Final Edition minifigure was just launched, and is sequentially numbered to only 286 figures, the same total as his career batting average. We have started commemorating the active careers of top players with a final minifigure of their playing days, to match the uniform worn in their final home game.

OYO produced 8 different series of Limited Edition minifigures, and he also had a minifigure in a Rangers mystery pack release.

His 2014 All Star minifigure may be the most difficult to find at this point. We don’t even have an image, nor could we find one for sale in the open market. There were 250 or fewer of this AS minifigure produced for the Minneapolis All Star Game. His Generation 1 minifigure (which is his second one) was produced in the lowest run, with less than 100 made.

Here’s a gallery of some of his different OYO minifigures, and a checklist so you can note the ones you have, and the ones you still need of this sure fire Hall of Fame Ranger!

Happy Hunting!

Adrian Beltre OYO Checklist


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