Elvis’ 1968 TV Special, 50 years later as minifigures

We have been honored to work with the Elvis Estate and our friends at Shop Elvis.com to create unique minifigures for Elvis fans – for display, and play!

Our newest set has just launched, the Commemorative boxed set for his Comeback 1968 TV Special. This special aired on NBC on December 3rd, 1968, and it marked his return to live performing. Elvis had spent the prior 7 years working on his movie career, and releasing albums, but no touring or live shows. Fans were understandably excited by this first performance.  This was the highest rated network show for that week, and for the TV Season with 42% of all TVs tuned into this special to see it.  A huge hit. The album that accompanied the show, was also certified as a Gold Record and an enormous seller in 1968 and 1969.

OYO worked with the fans at Shop Elvis to create a minifigure set that resembles the special. Elvis wore two suits in the show, one the black leather suit well known to fans, and the white double breasted suit that he wore at the end of the show to sing his ballads and gospel hits. For the first time at OYO, included are two replica guitars to match those used by Elvis during the show. These are specially printed to match the look of these legendary musical instruments.

Included is a special display plate for your set, that is printed in the neon light Elvis logo that is iconic to the singer.

We hope that fans of toys, of Elvis and of minifigures enjoy this limited edition Collector’s set as much as we enjoyed creating it!

To purchase this set, please link below. Happy Hunting!

Shop Elvis.com 1968 Collector Set


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