MLB Award Winners

OYO has been making MLB special edition Award Winners for most of it’s 8 season history with Major League Baseball.

These are typically available for a very short time, and commemorate the player’s MVP, Cy Young or Rookie of the Year accomplishments. They have special packaging call out, and represent the player in a classic uniform for the team that season.

For MVP Award winners in OYO form, the one made for Miguel Cabrera was the lowest production made to less than 100 minifigures, earning it a “Gem” status on the OYO rarity scale. Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw both have MVPs produced in less than 250 quantities, making them “Very Rare” on the production scale.

The first Cy Young Award Winners debuted when OYO was in Generation 2, Tigers’ Max Scherzer and LA’s Clayton Kershaw had our first Cy Young award winning minifigures. Interestingly, it was Max’s win in 2016 for the Nationals that is the most difficult to get, with it also in “Gem” rarity status.

Rookie of the year has always been a popular series with our fans, our first was Mike Trout in 2012, and one of the most difficult to find still as a “Very Rare” minifigure on our rarity scale. A Trout ROY just sold this week for $70 on EBay, and a Jose Fernandez ROY sold recently for $79.99,  so fans do know how tough these get to find as the years move on. A few of our Ohtani First Edition minifigures (First Edition are the very first batch of minifigures we make for that player, in his first season of minifigures, and are sequentially numbered) sold for $29.99. Ohtani also has a Rookie of the Year special edition minifigure numbered to his ERA of 331, and the Manga Collectors Boxed set as special OYO releases for his rookie debut!

We gave these a rest in 2017, with a desire to re-invent a little. For 2018 they are back, with new uniforms for these special players. Uniforms for the Cy Young and MVPs that weren’t made in 2018 for any of the other minifigures, and commemorated special times in their seasons. For Ohtani, we stuck with his red uniform as it is the most popular image for fans of this player who pitches and hits, and has drawn fair comparisons for his skills at both positions to Babe Ruth. Ohtani’s Rookie of the Year minifigured is sequentially numbered to his ERA in 2018, 331. Our Cy Young award winners are also numbered to match their ERA in 2018, Jacob DeGrom is limited to 170 minifigures, and Blake Snell 189 minifigures. For MVP, we used the number of hits each player had in the regular and postseason for 2018, 193 for Mookie and 194 for Yeli. We won’t necessarily use this methodology for numbering moving forward, but we thought it was a fun and relevant way to announce the return of the Award Winners for 2018. We hope you enjoy these!  Print the checklist linked below for a complete list.

If we’re out of the editions, please check with the team stores at the ballpark in case they still have a few!

Happy Hunting!

OYO MLB Award Winner Checklist

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