OYO’s 2012 MLB Sell – Sheet … from a retailer and fan!

Hello OYOs! A fan and retailer of “vintage” OYO minifigures, Richard Feltoon sends along this blog post. A first post, in what we hope will be many,  from OYO Collectors and fans that share your experiences with OYO.  It was really for us to see this, and his find, as we don’t have any of these left, and it was a nice trip down memory lane. We were small, (still are) and there were not many of these made or many retailers at the time very interested in getting one! 🙂

Everything below is unedited from Rich…. thank you everyone! Daryl

by Richard Feltoon – Toon’s Station

Hello Oyo Collectors … I came across an item not many Oyo Fans would know about and wanted to share it with them.  As a dealer of Oyos from almost the beginning I have seen the remarkable progress in product innovation and the loyal fans who like to collect, play & display their Oyos.  Many collectors don’t know too much about the early days of Oyo and that’s where I can tell you some of the history.  It’s like being the guy who knew about baseball cards long before anyone really knew too much about them.  Oyo has only been around for 7 years and most dealers came on board after a couple years.  Not many of us old timers out there and I’m glad to offer the collectors some background info.

The first thing i’d like to present isn’t what you think.  It’s a 4-page sell sheet/brochure from 2012 showing the Team Player List for the Inaugural Season of MLB Oyo MiniFigures.  Look to see if your favorite player is listed or was even made that year.  If so, that would be his `Rookie’ Oyo similar to a player’s Rookie baseball card.

At the end of 2011 a small number of players from some teams were produced & Oyos were introduced to the market.  In 2012 anywhere from 7-17 different players were made for each of the 30 baseball teams. This brochure shows all the players made for that series, the first for many players from all the teams that year.

Appreciate your taking the time to see this and hope you like the information – FREE OF CHARGE – and my pleasure.

I’m glad to answer any questions you might have about the early years of MLB & NFL Oyo Mini-Figures.

Best regards,

Richard Feltoon (Toon)



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