2013 World Series – 5 years ago for OYO “when we were young”!

It seems like yesterday, but our rollout 5 years ago, for the 2013 World Series was at that point our most extensive to that point.

The RedSox were facing the Cardinals – a 2004 re-match. This was OYO’s third World Series items, but the first with a number of options.

The RedSox had that year the “Playoff Beard” excitement. OYO made a set of minifigures dedicated to the beards for the Sox. These had great names like the “The Sick Flow”, the “Flyin’ Hawaiian” and more. See the checklist for all of the minifigures made. Some of these of course are produced in smaller quanitities than others, and it is all based on demand.  The smallest quantities are under 250 units, for a number of the players. All of these are tough to find, but I did note an Ortiz offered for sale at $29.99, 1 Victorino available on Amazon UK for £15, and a Jonny Gomes for $9.95. Some of the less popular players like Salty or Mike Carp are available from a few online sellers, while others are just not showing up at all. Two in particular that are especially difficult to find are David Ross and Brandon Workman. For Workman, this was the only OYO minifigure he ever had produced. Each of these beards were designed to reflect those worn by the player, and they are not alike! The Ortiz Beard figures continue to go up in sale prices as they come off the market – see below, most recent sales to older sales in order.

After the Playoff beards, we issued AL and NL Champion minifigures. These were available for Game 1 of the World Series, and featured top players like David Ortiz and Yadier Molina, as well as Champs season pick ups like Stephen Drew and Pete Kozma. Pete Kozma also had his only minifigure produced in this series and at that there were less than 100 made and distributed. All of the League Champs are rare, as they were only available during the World Series. There are very few of these for sale with any inventory, the only one I saw was a Koji Uehara, the Sox closer that year, at a deal for $3.99! Production ended when the Series ended.

For the 2013 World Series Champs, this was the first time we issued a field set. The Gametime RedSox Champs set featured 4 WSC Umpires (our first), and a printed Championship full field, that needed to be assembled.  11 players were also included with Champs Caps. There are only two of these sets still available online both at $149.99. The Limited Edition (LE) minifigures produced for the 2013 Championship all had the Champs marks on the package, the cap and the home plate stand. These were available through holiday 2013. Production ended with the ushering in of 2014 and the new year. There have been quite a few EBay sales of these including a Pedroia for $74.99, and an Ortiz for $59.99, among the very few transactions we have seen around these in the past 18 months!

We had some fun publicity locally around the beards, which are linked below. It was fun for this writer to take this trip back in time, and I hope you have enjoyed it as well.

Do you have any of these 2013 special OYOs? Tell us about your collection in the comments, and share with the OYO Community!

Happy Hunting!

OYO 2013 MLB Postseason Checklist


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