OYO and the Miracle League

OYO was pleased to be asked to create a very special version of it’s Home Run playset, for the Miracle League of South Hills, PA.

The Miracle League started in 1999, with a mission to make baseball accessible to anyone. This amazing organization is now nationwide, and allows players of all abilities to participate in baseball games. To read more about the Miracle League history, and to overall feel better about humanity, link here http://www.themiracleleague.net/history/

We were asked to make the special Home Run set as part of South Hills’ Halloween event which featured All Star Sean “The Mayor” Casey. Sean, as you will know, was a popular player for the Reds, Pirates and other MLB teams and a big supporter of the Miracle League. The field was presented to Sean as token of the South Hills’ Miracle League for his support of the teams, fields and organization that allow fans of different abilities to “play ball”!

It was our pleasure to participate in a small way for what was a fun and exciting event.

Here are a few more pictures of the event and the Home Run Set!

To donate to the Miracle League of South Hills – https://www.miracleleaguesouthhills.org/donate.html

To see any of Jason Burik’s ballpark or stadium designs, www.brickmodeldesign.com




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