Eagles Super Bowl Champs – a look back

OYO’s collection of Super Bowl 52 minifigures and sets added some new elements.

The Participants minifigures of Patriots and Eagles were only produced for the week leading up to the Super Bowl game itself, and as such are among the most challenging to find minifigures now from the collection. Most especially Nelson Agholor and Stephen Gostkowski, both minifigures considered Rarity Level “Hard to Find” meaning 50 of fewer figures were made of these Champions. The Eagles wore their white uniforms in our participant collection, while the Pats wore blue, just like in the game, each with their AFC and NFC Champions patches printed on the uniforms, display stands and packaging.

When the Eagles won the Super Bowl, OYO started production at 3am after the game, producing the Super Bowl Champion minifigures of the Eagles! Each minifigure has it’s own DNA number, as well as Super Bowl 52 logo on the display plate and uniform, and Champs call out on the packaging.  Not a surprise, but the Nick Foles and Carson Wentz minifigures were the two most popular minifigures of the collection. See the checklist linked below and print it out for all of the minifigures made.

We continued to produce the Display Plate and Locker Room sets for the Champs. New for SB52 was an Endzone set, that included confetti printed on the field so that your minifigures can #celebratelikeapro. We made 640 sets of the Eagles Champs Endzone sets that included kicker Jake Elliott. OYO’s unique Endzone playset includes a kicker swivel stand, so that your Jake minifigures can kick field goals, just like in the game!

We hope – especially the Eagles fans – loved our SB52 collection for this first ever Eagles Championship!

If you missed some of these, and are having a hard time finding some of these limited editions, let us know and we can reach out to our partner retailers who still may have some of these.

Happy Hunting!

OYO Super Bowl 52 Checklist

2 thoughts on “Eagles Super Bowl Champs – a look back

  • October 29, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    will you make participants this year again?

    • October 29, 2018 at 6:43 pm

      Most likely yes, unless it is the Rams in the Super Bowl… then no. 🙂


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