OYO’s updated Football Checklist is here!

Just in time for the weekend, the new OYO Master Football Checklist is here!

Two versions exist – one sorted by player last name, and another sorted by team name.

We have made many different OYO football minifigures, and play sets, for many different football leagues – they are all here. College, NFL, Independent League and more are featured.

Also included on this list are details about our production volumes for each minifigure that is now retired from production. Look up the rarity level of the ones you have, for fun! You’ll be surprised at some of the quantities!

Use this handy checklist to keep track of your current collection, and as a guide for the ones you seek out!

Each sport OYO has made has it’s own checklist, and can be found on the Checklist Tab of this website.

Happy Hunting!


OYO Master Football Checklist 10.10.2018 sorted by team

OYO Master Football Checklist 10.10.2018 sorted by player


Sample image of the checklist……just print the pages of your favorite team or player.

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