NFL Rush Zone OYO playsets – Throwback Thursday

One of the first play sets OYO ever produced, is the OYO NFL Rush Zone play set. NFL Rush Zone was a Nicktoons show produced by Nickelodeon and the NFL, that showed NFL players teamed with their Guaardians, who must help the 11 year old football fan, Ish, protect “The Core” a football like item hidden in pieces in all 32 NFL Stadiums.

There were 3 seasons of the show, Season 1 – “Guardians of the Core”, Season 2 – “Seasons of the Guardians”, and Season 3 – “Guardians Unleashed”

This set was released in May of 2014, and was available for just a few months into the season. We were out by the holidays of all teams, and had no parts to build additional sets, so this was a quick release for fans of the show, the NFL or their favorite player. The OYO playset featured a buildable portal “Team-passage” with “Megacore” that would transport your team’s player, and their Guardian, to their Stadium to help Ish locate the core. It was an 84 piece set, plus 2 minifigures that were not included in the piece count. Each team was featured in an episode, and the set also highlighted the theme of that episode that featured the team. Some teams were produced on Season 2 shows, others Season 3.  This was a fun set to build, and definitely one of the more unique products OYO has ever produced.

Would you like to watch these shows – please link here to see them!

All 32 teams had a set, and most featured one of the top players for their team. The players chosen for the sets, also appeared as their team’s representative on the TV Show.

It is only 4 years ago when these were released, but looking back reminds of a few things….

The Rams were in St Louis, the Chargers in San Diego, Nick Mangold and Brett Celek were considered stars of the Jets and Eagles and Jordy Nelson was exciting Packers fans!

We don’t see many of these offered for sale in the market, a few on EBay, let us know if you see one, or have one!

Happy Hunting!

OYO NFL Rush Zone Playset Checklist

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  • February 1, 2019 at 11:17 am

    Wish they could’ had a rusher included with the set but it would be nice to have them back


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