Prices Realized – Early October

OYO has been making minifigures for 7 years. In that time, we have made many collectible pieces. Some purposefully to commemorate an event, others have become collectible just based on the amount made at the time, generally dictated by the fan demand at that time.

It is interesting to us to see fans discover old minifigures and sets, no longer in production, and seek them out. We are always interested in hearing about sales of older minifigures, and we love seeing the public activity as OYO fans seek out OYOs.

Here are some recent purchases made of OYOs since the beginning of October! See them all on the Prices Realized section of

In this batch, some of our recent items released for special events, have also been commanding interest among the fans. We were stunned by the response from fans of David Wright over his last “Final Edition” minifigure.



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