Swedish greats retire from the NHL

Three great players from Sweden retired in 2018 from the NHL.

Two of the all time great NHL stars, and legends in Vancouver – Daniel and Henrik Sedin retired at the end of the 2017/8 NHL season. These legendary brothers both scored 1000 points, the only brothers in the NHL to ever do so, and a great individual accomplishment in each of their own rights. They are the top 2 all time scorers in Canucks history, and sure Hall of Famers. They played for 18 years, as brothers, and with the Canucks.

Today, Henrik Zetterberg announced his retirement from the RedWings. He was a Conn Smythe (MVP) Trophy winner of the 2008 Stanley Cup Championship team, and recently played his 1000th game, all with the RedWings in the NHL. He ends his career with 960 points, 4th all time for the RedWings, and an amazing 16 year career.

All 3 players, in addition to being Superstars, showed their loyalty to their teams and fans, playing only for their respective teams, a combined 50 seasons, with the Canucks or Wings. Amazing!

OYO has been proud to craft minifigures for these legendary players.

Our first Generation 1 NHL minifigures for these players arrived in January 2014. Each of these players series 1 minifigures is their first minifigures.  A packaging update and a few changes to the look and design created a Series 2 version for each of the players, while still a Generation 1 minifigure. Both Series 1 and 2 minifigures had the same UPC Code.

Henrik also had an away uniform version in Gen 1, which would be his series 3 minifigure.

Our Gen 2 NHL minifigures debuted in September of 2015, and for all players featured their away uniforms as the standard uniform for G2. We did make Henrik with a home uniform as well.

Generation 3 debuted in the fall of 2016, back to their home uniforms, and remains our current NHL Generation. It was becoming too much for every player to change every year. Instead in G2 and G3, we have offered unique editions for special games and series, and Special Editions for accomplishments.

It is these Special minifigures that are for these 3 greats, their most difficult to find minifigures, and the least produced.

Henrik played in the Stadium Series in Denver against the Avs, and then the next season, played in the Centennial Classic in Toronto against the Leafs, in two amazing outdoor games. Both of these minifigures were made just one time, and are considered “Extremely Rare”.

For the Sedins, when they broke the NHL record by becoming the first brothers in the NHL to score 1000 points, we created Special Edition minifigures for their accomplishments. These two minifigures are also considered “Extremely Rare” in the OYO rarity scale.

All Hockey Fans will forever remember their accomplishments, and these three players are part of the cities of Detroit and Vancouver sports history.

Happy Hunting!

Here is a checklist for each of these greats in OYO form:  OYO NHL Swedish Retired Player Checklist

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