Throwback Thursday – Jon Lester

OYO Sports brings back Throwback Thursday

Today’s article features on Jon Lester, RedSox and Cubs pitcher and star.

Jon Lester as many people know is a cancer survivor, only extending the mythology around his consistently amazing seasons as a pitcher. He just WINS.

OYO has made a number of Jon Lester minifigures throughout it’s 8 year run.

The first debuted for spring on 2012, his Generation 1 minifigure. This edition included the mistake you see pictured here, where we made a small number of his minifigure as #13, instead of #31. We weren’t as sophisticated from a computer system then, so we don’t know how many, but a search doesn’t bring up any we can see in the market. We do know we shipped some, do you have one of the #13 OYOs of Jon?

We also made a number of special edition Lester minifigures around the Cubs historic World Series win in 2016, as well as the RedSox World Series win in 2013. The Cubs WS Cap and T minifigure is the most limited Lester minifigure of all of them, with less than 100 made, making it a “Gem”.

There is one active Jon Lester in production, his Gen 5 Cubs minifigure, every other minifigure is out of production.

See all of the Jon Lester minifigures here: OYO Jon Lester Checklist


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