OYO and Shop Elvis go to Jail!

Wait, what? It’s a Jailhouse Rock OYO version of Elvis!

He’s ready to escape from the factory, and in to your home, as the greatest little Elvis to be available, since, well, the first American Jumpsuit OYO minifigure!

We’ve built this minifigure to have two faces, turn his flowing black hair to select your favorite Elvis minifigure expression! (see them both below).

His prison suit, has his custom inmate number 6240 printed on the front, along with all of the details fans love from the movie.  This movie just celebrated it’s 60th anniversary, and is considered a classic by Elvis fans everywhere! Elvis was 22 at the time, and his song from the movie is double platinum, having been chosen as the 67th best song by Rolling Stone in it’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time! It is also a member of the Grammy Hall of Fame!

This is a custom production for the estate of Elvis, and sold by our friends at ShopElvis.com, you can link to their site below!

Shop for the Elvis Jailhouse Rock Minifigure!




Happy Hunting!

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