Ichiro honored at Safeco Field

We were pleased to partner with the Mariners Team Store for 2 very special Ichiro Suzuki minifigure programs.

First, if you haven’t followed Ichiro, he is a bonafide, sure fire, Hall of Fame baseball player in both the US and Japan. One of, if not THE, greatest pure hitters of all times, he is a Mariner legend, who has returned to the Mariners as a player/executive. He is most famous for the 2001 Mariners season (his first with the Ms) where the team won 116 games, establishing an MLB record for most wins in a season. As he begins to transition to life after playing baseball, his role as a player gets smaller, and his life as an executive takes form. A life that no doubt will be still consumed by…. baseball. His current US stats have him at 3089 hits, in 9929 at bats,  780 RBIs and a .311 lifetime average. This on top of his Nippon Professional League stats where from 1992 until 2000 where he amassed another 1722 hits.  Currently that puts him at 4811 hits, (and he is still playing), for his 26 year pro baseball career.  Comparatively, Pete Rose, the all time MLB hitter has 4256 hits. He has also well surpassed the record holder for a Japanese player in most hits, going past Isao Harimoto who retired with 3085 hits. He will turn 45 this year, and baseball is even more an international sport due to his love and support of the game.


His work and study habits around the game are legendary. He is famous for being so focused on training and practice that the rest of the world gets lost. So much so, that when Tom Brady left a voice mail for Ichiro to learn about his work out regimen, Ichiro asked in the Locker Room, “who the (beep) is Tom Brady?” We had some fun with this on Instagram imagining their first meeting, in minifigure form!

OYO has created two special minifigure in conjunction with our friends at the Mariners Team Stores in Seattle.

The first minifigure is a special Manga (the Japanese art form) version of Ichiro. In the Mariners home uniform, this special edition will only be available in 2018. Fans of Manga, and fans of Ichiro can appreciate the unique style of this minifigure and packaging for a very different minifigure, as pictured above.

Our second project is a Collector’s Edition Boxed Set of Ichiro Minifigures. This is a set of Home and Away Seattle uniform minifigures, with a special Mariners Ichiro display plate. This set will be limited to 510 sets, and once production hits that quantity, the set is retired forever.

Both items are available now at the Mariners Team Stores in Seattle, and at Safeco Field, or OYOSports.com.

Happy Hunting!

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