OYO All-Star Game Update

What a game – 10 innings, and two HRs by the Astros All-Stars Alex Bregman and George Springer to win the game! WOW, after Bryce Harper’s come from behind win at the HR Derby, what else would you expect from DC!

OYO was pleased to be part of the 2018 All-Star Game with it’s special line-up of minifigures and Collector’s Sets. An article about how we made what we made, and the complete run down of what each item is was published on July 12th and is available earlier on our site, right here.

Many players have sold out already, see our OYOSports.com site for current availability. As this is being written many players have less than 10 pieces left, and the AL Set was down to just 3 sets.

All production has been retired on the boxed Collector’s Sets for the AL and NL sets, as well as the Racing Presidents. All of these sets are rarity level Extremely Rare, meaning 250 sets or less were produced.

The Racing Presidents had 162 sets made.

The AL Sets had 230 sets made, and the NL Sets had 170 sets produced.

Thanks for everyone’s support. It was great fun to be part of the DC fun! On to Cleveland for 2019.

Happy Hunting!

2018 OYO ASG Minifigure Checklist

Recent selling prices on EBay of sold out ASG minifigures:

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