OYO’s 2018 MLB All Star Game toys

Fans! Buy me some peanuts, and Cracker Jack… and since Cracker Jack’s prizes aren’t that great these days, you need OYO’s too!

The 2018 All-Star Game will be held in our Nation’s Capital, at Nationals Park on July 17.

OYOs will be all over the Ballpark, and the MLB FanFest for All-Star week. This is an exciting week for baseball, where the game’s greats all come to play.  OYO allows you to #playlikeapro too, with great minifigures for this special occasion!

For 2018, there are two uniforms being used by players.

The Work Out Uniforms feature the classic American League or National League designs, the AL in navy, the NL in red. Each of the special Caps for the uniforms includes the team logo surrounded by 50 stars, and 6 additional stars on the brim of the Cap. We’ve recreated these, in miniature form, for these ASG OYO minifigures. These uniforms will be worn by players starting on Sunday the 15th. All of our Limited Edition minfigures are featuring a selection of All-Star players in these uniforms, and for the first time each one of these is sequentially numbered in advance. These have very limited distribution. The majority of these are for sale at MLB Fanfest or at Nationals Park, with a small amount of some of the players at local team retailers, on our site and a few other specialty retailers. One of our players was requested by the Mets only, among our initial retail feedback, so Jacob DeGrom is an “Amazin’ Special Edition” exclusively available at Citifield this week only. The numbering ranges from 75 pieces to 600 pieces of a player, and no two are alike as a result. You could get #99 for Aaron Judge, or #1 for final vote winner Jean Segura.  No matter which number you find, each one is special, as it is unique to YOU!

Another FIRST for OYO is to offer at the All-Star Game, the special team uniforms made to wear in the All-Star Game. These special uniforms are replicated in OYO form to include the 2018 All-Star logo patch, the “star” showing the number of appearances made by that player in All-Star games, and our very first tri-color printing of the special 2018 ASG Cap. These special minifigures are sold in 5 piece collections, an American League Set, and a National League Set. Top stars are included in each set, including Mookie Betts, Willson Contreras, Bryce Harper, and Gerritt Cole. 10 total stars are included in these Collector’s Sets which are also a value for fans.

Last but not least, as a fun set, we bring you the Racing Presidents. A great part of any Nationals home game, the Racing Presidents have been delighting fans for years. At the All-Star Game these heroes will race in the Work Out uniforms. OYO has created a 4 minifigure set to commemorate the fun night.

We’ve enjoyed putting together these unique offers for our fans, and fans of MLB! Get out and watch the All-Star Game in person or on TV, and live the mid-summer classic with your OYO friends. We are often asked how we pick, or who we don’t pick for editions like these. We just don’t have time to produce from every player. Before the Sunday night announcement, we prep a number of players we anticipate, and get feedback from our retailer partners at each of the ballparks as to their interest in having OYOs of their All-Stars. We asked on Social Media who you were hoping for as well. From this we have a preliminary list of top requested players.  First thing Monday morning we create new minifigures from surprise additions, and confirm approvals with our League and Players Association partners. They are great at advising quickly the changes and updates required. Even still changes are made, and Final Vote players considered. As this is being typed, we are updating art to be compliant, and we are still producing AS players for the first time, and won’t finish until Monday. We know it’s disappointing when we don’t choose a favorite player, and hopefully you now at least understand the process, even if you may not love all of the results! We appreciate your enthusiasm for your sports, and your passion for your team and players.

We have many articles written in prior posts about prior All Star participation. Our master baseball checklist will also show the AS minifigures made from 2012-2016. We did not make any All-Star specific minifigures for the game in Miami in 2017.

Happy Hunting!

Here are the checklists and all of the images:

2018 OYO ASG Minifigure Checklist

OYO Baseball Master Checklist 6.01.2018 Sorted by team

2018 All-Star Game Collector’s Sets – AL and NL imagery

2018 All-Star Game Numbered Edition Minifigures:




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