CPBL All Star OYOs – exclusive to Taiwan

OYO is pleased to have created a new set of Chinese Professional Baseball League All Star Minifigures!

This exclusive edition of 5 minifigures, features top All Stars of the league, participating in the classic red vs white contest. The game was held this past weekend in Taipei City, and OYO was there with minifigures exclusive for this game. This very limited edition set consisted of 5 players, less than 250 of each player were produced in the All Star Mystery Pack format, making every minifigure “extremely rare” on our scale. These were randomly assorted in “mystery packs” meaning one wasn’t sure which player they would get inside of the pack.

The All Star Taiwan Bank Red team had 2 players in the set, the Sanshang Meibang White team had 3 players in this edition. Here are the players produced… with a surprise!

CHEN, Jie-Shen
CHANG, Chi-How
WANG, Yi-Zheng
LIN, Je-Shuen
& One more Mystery Player!

In case you are wondering, the Sanshang Meibang White team won the game 8-7!  Su-Chih-chieh from the Uni-President Lions was the MVP of the game for the white team. Hu-Chin-lung of the Fubon Guardians, and playing on the red team, was their star with a Home Run and 4RBIs!

OYO 有機會在上週末的中華職棒明星賽中現身!

這五隻限量版的 OYO 人物積木,在紅白明星賽出賽!今年在天母棒球場所舉行的中華職棒明星賽,在上週圓滿落幕,而 OYO 也是中華職棒選定的限量商品。這五隻限量款的 OYO 人物積木,每隻限量 250件,以盒抽方式販售,讓每隻人物積木極度珍貴給球迷們收藏。以隨機入盒的方式製作,快快來試試看你會抽到誰?
OYO 中華職棒明星賽限量盒抽,共有兩位台灣銀行紅隊球員兩隻,兩位三商美邦白隊球員兩隻,及一隻秘密球星!
及 秘密球星
如我你不知道,三商美邦白隊以 8比7 險勝!今年精采的中華職棒明星賽,你是否也購入了 OYO 限量人物積木,我們期待明年的比賽!

Our partners in Taiwan, DSSENT, brought about this opportunity and we are grateful for their support.

Happy Hunting!


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