Eddie Rosario and Juan Soto are two new Rookie minifigures for MLB!

OYO is pleased to launch new minifigures for two new young stars having great seasons in 2018!

Eddie Rosario of the Twins is sure to represent his team at the All Star Game in DC. As of this writing, he is hitting .316, with 16 HRs and 46 RBIs, impressive stats, and a great campaign for the Left Fielder.

Juan Soto is still a teen-ager, he won’t turn 20 until October 25th of 2018. Also a Left Fielder, Juan is hitting .326 as we type with 6 HR’s and 14 RBI’s in only 89 At Bats! YOWSA! He was called up on May 15th and has been on a tear. You can expect to see Juan in at least of the ASG week festivities in his home park!

OYO is pleased to add these to our rosters. The First Edition series of 100 sequentially numbered minifigures will be made from the first production run of 100 for both of these fine rookies.

We have a promotion running with the Pro Image Store at Mall of America. The #OYOHunt will award the first 5 (different) fans who find the “hidden” Brian Dozier OYO Minifigure in the store, and post an image of this hidden figure one of the First Edition Eddie Rosario numbered minifigures. Go see Jesse and his team at MOA, they are running a promotion as well to give fans of OYO $2 off each OYO Minifigure now through the All Star Game! Be sure to tag @OYOSports, @proimageamerica and #wheresoyobrian with your image when you post so we find it! Our first winner is already in!


Our Instagram and Facebook feeds have more of these details as well. Post your image of the find on Instagram, Facebook or both to have a chance to win!



Want to see how we make the faces of your favorite players – check out these videos Tim Notaro designed! (nope – the faces are not the same, we make them for each player!)

Happy Hunting!

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