NFL Players who have retired, equals OYO’s who have retired – UPDATED 7/5

Jason Witten, Joe Thomas, Kam Chancellor and many more NFL players retired this off-season.

As we get ready for to launch the new NFL players and uniforms in July, this is a great time to remember and showcase those NFL players who won’t have a new edition OYO minifigure in the future. As players retire from the league, so do their OYO minifigures, in any form, Collegiate, or NFL.

Since we posted this article in June, Kam Chancellor retired from the Seahawks. A local legend and well loved football player, Kam is one of the best safeties to play the game. Kam has had an OYO in every NFL and NCAA Generation OYO has offered, his Generation 1 debuting in July of 2013.  When the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl in 2014, Kam had a Super Bowl Participant minifigure, and two Super Bowl Championship minifigures, one in a white uniform, and one in the navy uniform. His white uniform Champion minifigure is his most rare minifigure, with less than 500 produced. He also had 3 minifigures produced as a Virginia Tech alum. See all of the Kam Chancellor items here:

Kam Chancellor OYO Checklist


Jason Witten is the biggest star to retire in 2018.  He will be joining Canton a few years from now, and maybe then he will get a new minifigure. In the meantime, his shortest run minifigure was his Generation 1 Volunteers minifigure, while his Cowboys Generation 3 was his shortest run minifigure for Dallas. He played for the Cowboys, for 15 years, a long time for a Tight End and is  second in all time career receptions and receiving yards for a tight end. He will join teammate Tony Romo in the broadcast booth as a color analyst for ESPN. Demand picked up for his older minifigures once he announced his retirement, as seen here in auctions that closed in May of 2018.

Jason Witten OYO Checklist




Joe Thomas holds the streak for most consecutive games played, having amassed 10,363 snaps in a row! He played his entire 11 year career with the Cleveland Browns, and those were not easy years to be a Browns player or fan! As a result of the Browns having had low demand overall, Joe Thomas only had 1 OYO minifigure made, his Generation 4. We had designed and run a couple pre-production samples of a Generation 2 version but we did not get orders, and it was never launched. It did hang on to the Series 1 tag, and thus his Generation 4 was a series 2 LE minifigure for Thomas. A fun fact that really doesn’t mean much, but makes it an odd occurrence.  He also had an away uniform that was 1/3 of the Browns Mystery Pack sold at mass retail outlets in Generation 4 in 2016. This away uniform qualifies as a Rare edition, meaning less than 1000 were made. The ONLY Ebay auction we have seen in 2018 for his Series 2, Generation 4 LE minifigure was of an autographed package for the minifigure, and we do feel like the buyer got a heckuva deal!

OYO Joe Thomas Checklist

Paul Posluszney is a rare OYO minifigure who’s Collegiate minifigure sold in stronger quantities thacfbosun his NFL versions. This two time All American at Penn State is beloved in State College, having grown up not far away in Butler, PA. A Pro Bowler in 2014 for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he retired this spring after 11 seasons in the NFL!

OYO Paul Posluszny Checklist

Danny Woodhead, a Patriot favorite, retired after 10 NFL seasons. The native of Nebraska was always told he was too small to be an NFL player but he beat all odds. He appeared in the 2011 Super Bowl for the Patriots, scoring a TD, with 4 catches, even though the Giants came from behind and stunned the Pats. He has 2 very difficult to find OYO minifigures. The first in our Generation 1 NFL release was the Throwback Patriots Uniform, of which there were fewer than 25 made, or our rarity level of “Lucky You”! His last minifigure was the Generation 4 minifigure issued for him in 2016 for the San Diego Chargers (their last series in SD as well) for which there were less than 50 made, a rarity level of “Hard to Find”. We couldn’t find any of the Pats version, and only one seller of the Chargers – Link here to Prep 2 Pro Sports

OYO Danny Woodhead Checklist

Other NFL players to retire,who also had OYO minifigures include Carson Palmer, Richie Incognito for whom only his Husker OYO was made, C.J. Fiedorowicz who likewise only has a Hawkeye OYO, Matt Forte, Antonio Cromartie and Dwight Freeney. See the entire, updated checklist for all of the OYO’s currently in the market for Football – Collegiate, CFL or NFL. Happy Hunting!

OYO Dwight Feeney Checklist           OYO Antonio Cromartie Checklist      OYO C.J. Fiedorowicz Checklist        OYO Matt Forte Checklist

OYO Master Football Checklist 06.01.2018 sorted by team                            OYO Master Football Checklist 06.01.2018 sorted by player name

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