Ichiro Gen 1 minifigure closes at auction this week for $49.99

We are humbled and grateful that OYO fans go back and seek out our minifigures that have been retired from production.

Of course, Ichiro’s retirement recently from MLB, joining the Mariners Management team, is the end of an era. Ichiro embodied what it means to be a professional hitter. He is a member of the 3000 hit club in Major League Baseball, after having    hits in his 9 seasons in Japan. He is the first player who played both in MLB and with NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) to be admitted to the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame. He is a legend, who will no doubt be enshrined in Cooperstown as well as soon as he is eligible.

OYO launched it’s first Mariners minifigures in spring of 2012. With Ichiro’s contract in flux, and rumors of his not re-signing, we did not produce many of these, in fact 100 or less.

That is the same quantity originally produced for Ichiro when it was thought he would represent the Mariners at the 2012 All Star Game in Kansas City. Felix Hernandez became the sole representative, and all Ichiro OYOs were removed from sale in KC when that became known. Any left, and that was most of the 100, were destroyed on site.

He was traded on 7/23/12, and 2 days later OYO shipped his first Yankees minifigures. His Mariners version was long sold out, even then.

When Ichiro had his 3000th hit on August 7, 2016, OYO honored the Legend with a unique 3000 piece set. We created a special numbered set to commemorate each hit that Ichiro acheived with each of the 3 ballclubs in his career, 156 with the Marlins, 311 with the Yankees and the remaining with the Mariners. Each minifigure is sequentially numbered and a truly individual item, just like each of Ichiro’s hits.

His very first G1, series 1 OYO minifigure sold on 6/8/18 at Ebay auction for $49.99! The only other one we see for sale is on Amazon at $99.99.

See every OYO made to date for Ichiro, here. Happy Hunting!

OYO Ichiro Suzuki Checklist

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