OYO Prices Realized

This has been a page, apparently,  that’s been too big a secret to OYO fans.

We, as most of you reading this already know, create minifigures and playsets to be fun, enjoyed and played with. That is our primary reason for being OYO – to bring a smile to a fan’s face with our toys!

We do also retire from production many of our pieces, typically for these reasons:

  1. The player retires from the sport
  2. The player changes team or uniform number
  3. The team changes their logos or uniforms
  4. We created them for an event, like an All Star or Special Game, or a Championship for a limited time
  5. It was time to refresh the product

We do post these retirements, right here, and on our checklists. And since we know fans do like to collect and know as much as they can about their favorite minifigures and players, we are open about those players who have had the most limited production runs, 1000 or less., once we have stopped making them.  It’s interesting to many, and we know that. It’s also fine if it is not interesting to you, and you are very welcome to ignore this part of OYO. As a niche company appealing to fans of many players and teams – literally thousands of items are needed to do this  – we also know that there are different reasons for fans to enjoy OYOs. This is cool for us, and we want to be there for our fans, no matter who their favorite player is, no matter why they love our “little dudes”!

So if you like seeing what a retired OYO has sold for on Ebay, or Amazon, where the price and the sale is publicly posted, check out our prices realized page on this site. Or just spend 40 seconds watching this video of interesting items sold between 4/25 and 6/2. Thanks again, and Happy Hunting!


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