First Edition OYOs of Ronald Acuña

Ronald Acuña of the Braves came up to the big leagues on April 25th, and started out with a .421 average for April, the man is on fire. The Outfield prospect is living in to the hype with 5 HRs already.

OYO created his minifigure the same day he was eligible to have one, April 25th. #13 for the Braves debuted the same day.

As a special treat, the first 100 minifigures made for this rookie, were stamped with OYO’s “First Edition” logo and sequentially numbered up to 100. Has anyone found #1 or #13 yet? If so we would love to know. This was not advertised in advance, and was a thank you to the many OYO fans who jump in early on new, rookie OYO minifigures of their favorite players. After the first 100 the typical OYO production continued for the limited edition minifigure, and each minifigure after has the unique DNA code familiar to OYO fans.

The “First Edition” OYOs are all out in the market.

Happy Hunting!

Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuña’s rookie OYO minifigures:

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