OYO crosses the Pacific into Taiwan with an exclusive set! OYO獨家穿越太平洋進入台灣!

The Fubon Guardians of the Chinese Professional Baseball League in Taiwan have commissioned an exclusive OYO set.  They play their home games at Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium in New Taipei City! They are 3 time league Champions, and are celebrating 25 years of play in 2018! 台灣中華職業棒球聯盟的富邦悍將已經委託專屬的OYO套裝。他們在新北市新莊棒球場以他們的主場比賽!加上球團前身,他們是3次聯賽冠軍,並且正在慶祝2018年第25年的比賽!

We were thrilled to make the first series of 12 minifigures – the checklist is below the You Tube video. The first production of their series 1, sold out in 1 day, and the second production is enroute to Taiwan, along with a new Display Plate (pictured below).

我們很高興能夠製作第一批12人小人物 – 清單如下。他們的系列1的第一個生產一天就售罄,第二個生產在台灣途中,以及一個新的顯示板(如下圖所示)

Were working on a second series.  These are only available in Taiwan! Our partners at Dssent in Taiwan brought OYO to Taiwan and we thank them for the opportunity to create a new set together. Look for more, and check them out here:



Read all about the Fubon OYOs on the Guardians website as well, right here!
網站上閲讀關於Fubon OYO的所有信息,就在這裡!


You can also follow them on Facebook where they have a great video of their players discovering their “mini-me” versions of themselves as minifigures!

They also produced a You Tube Video about the series:

你也可以在Facebook上關注他們,他們有一個很棒的視頻,他們的球員發現他們的“迷你我”版本作為公仔! 他們還製作了關於該系列的You Tube視頻:

Here’s the Fubon Guardians OYO minifigure checklist: 這是Fubon Guardians OYO minifigure清單:

Fubon Guardians OYO Checklist

Happy Hunting!

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