Sho Time First Edition – a surprise edition!

OYO produced two versions of Angels phenom Shohei Ohtani for his rookie minifigures.

Since Shohei both bats as a DH, and is a Starting Pitcher, it felt right to make two different minifigures for this potential superstar in MLB. Could he be this century’s Babe Ruth? The Angels definitely have made a splash with this signing!

The first production of these two minifigures, was sequentially numbered of 250 pcs of each, and titled “First Edition”. That’s right, the first minifigure off the line, was numbered 1 of 250, the second, 2 of 250 and so on.  All of these rookie minifigures will be special and a minifigure baseball fans of any team will want to have. The retailers and consumers who ordered Ohtani early have an even more special numbered First Edition version to reward their early action!

Happy Hunting!

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