IT OYO sells for $59.99!

Often times when a player changes teams, they can’t always get their favorite number for their new uniform. When Isaiah Thomas was traded from the Cavs to the Lakers, he started out as #7, and we started making his OYO as #7. We made an initial batch for customers who had ordered right away, but it was a small batch, and it shipped right out the same day. At that point, Isaiah Thomas was already tied for the most different minifigures made of an NBA player by OYO.

He then changed to his familiar #3, which meant we had to make a new minifigure. Every art file had to be updated and the production stopped. We knew, and reported on our new Basketball Checklist, that there was a small amount of #7s. You all must have noted this too and we saw this Ebay auction close at $59.99. Impressive, and the most expensive NBA OYO we have seen to date.  This IT falls under the rarity level “Lucky You” meaning that “Lucky You” if you can find one of these. A few early bird OYO consumers ordered it on our site, and 2 of our retail partners had booked a small quantity, and then they changed. Lucky you if you have one!

That’s the world of sports, always changing.

Happy Hunting!


OYO Master Basketball Checklist sorted by player name 03.12.2018

OYO Master Basketball Checklist sorted by team name 03.12.2018

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