OYO’s new Comprehensive Football Checklist is ready

Lane Johnson
2013 NFL Draft Edition

Today OYO launched our first Comprehensive Football checklist, which now gives fans of every sport, a complete list of OYOs made!

On these football checklists you will find every OYO football minifigure (CFL, College FB and NFL) and play set we’ve ever made, the edition size if it is retired, and other helpful facts. These are printable PDF documents, sized for most standard printers.
There’s a PDF version of a player sorted list, and a team sorted list, depending on how you collect.
OYO production retirements occur when a player retires from the league, as just happened with Carson Palmer, a player is traded or leaves as a free agent, as we just saw a lot of with the NFL, or an edition was planned for a limited time.
A current example of a very short edition release are our Super Bowl Champion Eagles which will retire on 3/31, for any players not already retired. Last chance for the SB52 Champs!
Some interesting highlights on the FB checklist:
  • Travis Kelce has a really tough to get Generation 3 minifigure, with less than 25 made
  • Mitch Trubisky has a sequentially numbered to 79pcs draft pick minifigure while his predecessor Mike Glennon has a Color Rush minifigure of which there were 25 or less made
  • Tom Brady has 3 different minifigures that were produced in less than 500 qtys, a very small number given his stature, and his most recent SB Participant is less than 250!
  • Peyton Manning has 3 minifigures, one at 509 seq numbered to his TD record, and another 2 made in less than 500 quantities, also low numbers and not seen for sale often
  • First minifigures, Draft Picks or otherwise, of rookies before they were “hot” are the shortest, and the most difficult to find

We’ll continue to feature items for Football in upcoming blog posts.

Happy Hunting!

OYO Master Football Checklist sorted by league and team 03.13.2018

OYO Master Football Checklist sorted by player last name 03.13.2018

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