Russell Wilson Baseball OYOs

You probably heard the news that Russell Wilson just joined the Yankees!

You also likely knew that he was an excellent second baseman in high school and college.

Did you know that we madeĀ 4 different OYO BASEBALL minifigures for the Super Bowl Champion?

These include the Little League minifigure for Tuckahoe, for which we only made 100. We don’t even have a great image ourselves and there was only this blurred image from the web.

2 Minor League minifigures for Asheville and Tri City, and a Texas Rangers minifigure. These all came out in 2015, and were only available for one season. There are not many available for sale in the open market, and if you have one you know now you have something pretty special.

Happy Hunting!

Russell Wilson OYO Collector Checklist




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