OYO’s Super Bowl 52 Participants are retired from production

OYO has produced a line up of Super Bowl Participants – otherwise known as AFC and NFC Champions –  since it started with the NFL.

The batch made for Super Bowl 52 has now retired from production, and won’t be made again.  The Eagles as the NFC Champions proved to be victorious over the AFC Champion Patriots.

One of the most difficult ones to find is the minifigure of Nelson Agholor, one of the top players in the Super Bowl, of whom we made 50 pieces or less.  Not surprisingly NFC Championship game star, and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles was one of the most produced players, yet still at under 1000 units his will be a highly sought and hard to find minifigure.

The checklist below for SB52 will show how many we made of each of these Participants minifigures. Our SB52 Champions are now in production for the Eagles, and we will announce their retirement later as they are also a limited edition series.

Happy Hunting!

NFL SB52 Collector Checklist




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