Carlos Beltran as an OYO, now retired

Congratulations Carlos Beltran on your retirement and a great 20 year career!

OYO has been pleased to offering minifigures of you since 2011, as you were included in our inaugural test launch.

Our Generation 1 launch also included an All Star version for the game held in KC which is your most limited minifigure produced by OYO. It’s on the “Hard to Find” rarity chart, with a production count of 50pcs or less.

For Generation 2 we had a few releases, a regular Cardinals minifigure, an All Star NY minifgure, (Retired Gem, meaning 100 or fewer pieces made) and a National League Champion for your participation in 2013’s Fall Classic. Astute OYO fans will note that we missed a series 3 version of your minifigure.

Soon after the WS, you signed as a member of the New York Yankees. We rushed out a Yankee version of your minifigure for holiday sales in NY. A very limited run of these were made at the end of 2013, and these are also a Retired Gem in our rarity chart, meaning 100pcs or less were made. This is one of the lowest production volumes of a regular minifigure, we have had in our line. In April of 2014, our Generation 3 launch as a Yankee came out, and it was our most widely distributed OYO for you. We followed that up with a Yankees Generation 4 minifigure for 2015.

2016 saw you debut as a member of the Texas Rangers and we too debuted your series 1 minifigure as a member of the Rangers in our Generation 5 lineup. In 2017, we launched your still active Astros series 1 minifigure. You capped a brilliant career by being a member of the World Series Champion Astros team, and this allowed us to make your last minifigure – a limited edition World Series Champion version. These will only be produced until 12/31. Get these while you can at retailers throughout Houston, shop or OYOSports

Happy Hunting!

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