Tony Romo has retired – so have his OYOs

Tony Romo has retired to the Broadcast Booth. As a result, so has his current OYO minifigures.

OYO produced an OYO for each of the 4 NFL Generations we were a part of his career. His Gen 2 was actually the most produced, followed by his Generation 3, his Gen 1 and then the most difficult of his regular OYOs being his series 5 minifigure from Generation 4, the last Generation retired.

We made a very special edition OYO for the London International Series for Tony, and it is the most rare. We only sold and shipped 52 of these – so this is a true collector’s piece if you are lucky enough to have one. We couldn’t even find a picture of one for our article on this!

Happy Hunting!

Link here to see the entire roster of Romo OYO minifigures:

Tony Romo Collector Checklist

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