Justin Verlander – the man of the World Series

OYO is pleased to have just launched the Generation 5, Series 1 version of Astros star pitcher Justin Verlander.

It caused us to reflect on this star’s Tigers career, and his OYO minifigures, and coincidentally we noted an Ebay auction recently closed on one of Justin’s most difficult OYOs – his 150 win minifigure of which we made 150! We saw this as quite a good price for  the collector who bought this now hard to find version!

There has been a World Series minifigure issued for Justin, as well as a Minor League Minifigure.

His Tigers career may now be over, but his legacy in Detroit lives on as fans #playlikeapro!

We’re looking forward to his new legacy in Houston, as we launch his Series 1 minifigure as a member of the Astros, and start new traditions.

Happy Hunting!

See his OYO checklist here:

OYO Justin Verlander Collector Checklist



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