OYO NBA Finals Champions

OYO was proud to launch it’s first NBA Finals Champions line up this spring for the Champion Golden State Warriors.

In keeping with our traditional hot market launches we made a series of limited edition minifigures for the top stars on the team. Klay, Draymond, Zaza, Steph and Kevin, series MVP, each had their own unique NBA Finals Champion minifigure. Their jerseys had the Champs logo, as did the base on which they stand.

We also made a special edition of each in a boxed set for the great starting 5. This boxed set had the same minifigures, but a special base with Warriors logo and player number, all packaged together and limited to the first 100 of each minifigure made. That’s right, there were only 100 of each of these made, all packaged together, as a special collectors item.

All of these are now retired editions, and collectors of OYOs will be appreciating these legendary players for a long time.

Happy Hunting!

NBA Finals Champions Collector Checklist

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