So long, Mr. Jeter (again)! Updated

OYO retired the other piece of Derek Jeter OYO history on July 31st, our limited edition boxed set. This special set contained Derek Jeter minifigures in his home, road and batting practice uniforms for fans who may have missed these when he played, and was a top selling OYO. We also made a special 2008 All Star Game uniform version of “The Captain” when he played at home in Yankee Stadium for that All Star Game. This is a minifigure that has never before been offered by us. Now that the set is retired from production, we can share that 455 sets were produced and sold. This makes the 2008 All Star Game version one of the most difficult to find OYO minifigures of all of Derek Jeter’s!

We recently unveiled a very limited run of Derek Jeter “Number Retirement” minifigures. We numbered these minifigures to 2017 to ensure that anyone buying one of these limited releases, would have a one-of-a-kind (alright a one-of-2017, but still!). Within days, they were sold out, never to return again. Thanks to our OYO fans who continue to hop on these rare opportunities to bring home a little piece of history to commemorate events as they happen in sports. So long again, Mr. Jeter. R2SPECT to one of the best.


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