NBA OYOs – the first (half) season of minifigures!

Now that the NBA offseason has begun, many of OYOs initial minifigures are retired from production already!

Our initial shipments in February, were all sequentially numbered minifigures. Each minifigure made of our initial launch was numbered to either 500 sequentially numbered pieces, or in the case of Lebron James, Steph Curry or Kevin Durant, numbered to 2017 pieces each. These sold out pretty quickly, and were a great bonus for our fans who jumped on our NBA items early!

Many of these players went on to have un-numbered versions, but all of the numbered versions do show the “first print” sequentially numbered logo on the packaging, as well as on the base of each minifigure.

During the second half of the season, we issued a few record breaking minifigures.


For the NBA Final Champion Golden State Warriors, we offered a boxed set of Champions minifigures, numbered to only 100 sets, which sold out quickly and had custom display bases. NBA Champs Article

The regular Finals Champions minifigures are available separately, until the end of July. Hurry to get yours today!

As some of the players have been traded, those players are also now retired from OYO’s production and shown are on the attached NBA Checklist.

In addition to our great minifigures, we offer to NBA fans a Locker Room set, an ATV with NBA Fan and our great Display Plates, all available now!

Here’s a complete NBA Generation 1 minifigure checklist as of 7.11.2017, with levels of rarity for those items that are retired from production.  Some of the first run, numbered to 500pcs, minifigures are still active and able to be purchased as of today, in their numbered form. These are noted with “Active” next to their numbering note. Happy Hunting!

OYO NBA Generation 1 Checklist – 07.11.2017

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