WOW! Dustin Pedroia 2013 WS OYO sells for $74.99

We were very surprised to see a recent Ebay sale of a 2013 World Series Participant minifigure of Dustin Pedroia sell for $74.99, by Stylewise3 in LasVegas! That is one of a few Generation 2 Dustin Pedroia your Boston based homers made at OYO. Yes, we know the description calls it a Champion, but it is actually the American League Champion version, made to be sold while the World Series was played. This figure was retired from production when the RedSox won the World Series that year, October 30th.

In addition to a regular Generation 2 Minifigure, we made:

Spring Training Pedroia – Very Rare (500 or less) on our rarity scale, produced one time only for sale at Red Sox Spring Training ballpark

All Star Pedroia – A Real Gem (100 or less) on our rarity scale, produced one time for sale in Kansas City only.

Beard – Rare (1000 or less) on our rarity scale

To celebrate the many different RedSox player grown beards that fall to push for an unexpected run toward the playoffs…. Dustin’s was nicknamed “Sick Flow”, as noted on the package, retired on 11/21/13 from production.

World Series Participant/American League Champion –┬áRare (1000 or less) on our rarity scale, retired on 10/30/13 from production

And finally – a World Series Champion version, that is Common (more than 1000) on our rarity scale. It should be noted that supply is only rare relative to demand, and the demand for that series of OYOs was the highest we had ever seen to date, and these were retired on 12/31/2013.

In addition to Pedroia, we made all the RedSox favorites of that season… Ortiz, Ellsbury, Buckholz, Victorino, Napoli, Gomes and more! Even WS Game 6 winning pitcher John Lackey has a minifigure for that series.

Do you have any of these? Have you seen any for sale?

See our Prices Realized page for other recent auction results… and report into us any you have bought or sold!

Happy Hunting?

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