OYO’s NHL history of minifigures – Generation 1 retrospective

We continue our comprehensive look at the history of OYO minifigure production by sport with Hockey.

OYO launched it’s Generation 1 NHL items in November of 2014. Our first Generation of NHL figures was unique in many ways.

  • We added skates to the bottom of our figures, and redesigned a new stand to allow our OYOs to stand up on skates, or just as minifigures without skates on all compatible brick surfaces.
  • Players were given handedness, a first for minifigures as the minifigure could shoot as a lefty or a righty, just like the player it was modeled after.
  • Each minifigure stand continued the OYO tradition of a unique DNA code, exclusive to that one minifigure. In this way, the DNA code ensures that no two minifigures are exactly alike.

Player rollout was slow as we learned the unique ways to manufacture hockey figures, and awaited the all new parts and colors to arrive. Generation 1 figures launched over a long window, and thus some players were still in launch process as we were getting ready to launch Gen 2. As a result there were very low production quantities for many G1 players from the Blue Jackets,  Coyotes, Flames, Panthers and Avalanche.

We also made these special editions in G1, which we offered for a very limited time:

  • Bruins 90th Anniversary set of players in the fall.
  • Team Canada minifigures, one series for while they played in the Olympics that year, and another to celebrate their Gold Medal Championship.
  • Two Stanley Cup Championships occurred during our G1 era (which spanned multiple seasons) – Both the LA Kings and Blackhawks had Championship minifigures in their winning jerseys, with special packaging.
  • Winter Classic minifigures with their special jerseys for the Blackhawks and Penguins, available for a limited time.
  • Stadium Series in California between the LA Kings and Sharks.
  • Jaromir Jagr scored his 700th goal. We commemorated this with 700 numbered Jagr minifigures.

All of these special editions were low in production relative to the size of those markets, and sold out quickly. Occasionally, they appear in the collector markets, but generally well above list. Check our prices realized section for some of these that have recently closed at auction.

Towards the end of the Gen 1 minifigure run, we also added our first NHL buildable in the Zamboni. We continue to offer it today, but some of these versions have been retired from production and we include those retired pieces on this checklist as well.

A Generation 2 recap will follow soon. See our other articles in this site, for deeper review on the special editions.

Happy Hunting!

Complete Checklist of all Hockey OYO Minifigures made (Sorted by team):

OYO Hockey ALL Generation Checklist

Examples of different Generation 1 OYOs, See the Prices Realized section to see some of the selling prices for these minifigures:

Below are recent prices realized for G1 NHL figures, see them all at /http://oyocollector.com/prices-realized/

2 thoughts on “OYO’s NHL history of minifigures – Generation 1 retrospective

  • June 15, 2018 at 4:28 am

    I have the Bettman and Selig Christmas oyo figures how rare are they and who where they made for? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • June 15, 2018 at 9:40 pm

      Wow, those were never sold, they were gifts for the leagues, and Commissioner. Congratulations on having a very rare minifigure in each one!


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