Derek Jeter’s Number 2 to be retired on May 14, 2017

OYO is pleased to announce a special collection of OYO items to commemorate the Yankee Stadium retirement of #2 to Monument Park! On May 14, 2017, the Yankees will honor Derek Jeter by retiring forever the use of #2 in pinstripes. OYO will have the following for this event:

  • A special Retirement Day Logo minifigure, sequentially numbered to 2017
  • A white display plate honoring the Yankee Stadium hero, dated 05.14.2017
  • A special boxed set which will include 4 minifigures – ┬áthe 3 Yankee Uniforms Jeter wore in his regular game career as a Yankee, and an exclusive 2008 All Star Game minifigure. This 4th minifigure is exclusive to this set and has never been released before, and won’t be released again. The 2008 All Star Game was played in New York at Yankee Stadium, the final season for the iconic ballpark.

In our past we have been honored to make a number of Derek Jeter items, all of which are retired, and that we sold out of a long time ago.

Derek Jeter OYOCollector_Checklist

These releases have included Minor League figures to honor his rise to the majors in Columbus and Scranton Wilkes Barre, a Spring Training minifigure which is among the lowest produced, a Little League minifigure from when he grew up in Michigan and a number of different Yankees throughout the Generations.

For Derek Jeter’s final season, we released a number of limited edition minifigures.

  • A sequentially numbered set for each of his games played, hits and home runs.
  • An exclusive “game used” minifigure for Yankee Stadium honoring that Derek was never afraid to get dirty playing the game he loved.
  • A road jersey set for his Farewell Tour to commemorate his last game at each of the road trip ballparks for that season. These are also among the most difficult to find, as they were primarily sold in those parks.
  • Have you seen any of these recently in your travels?

We hope you enjoy this trip down Derek Jeter memory lane with us…. let us know which Jeter OYOs you have, and, which are your favorites!

Happy Hunting!

Recent Prices Realized at auction on retired Derek Jeter items:


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