OYO’s newest DNA Challenge – Adrian Gonzalez

OYO’s newest DNA Challenge is around Adrian Gonzalez of the LA Dodgers! This 5 time All Star and California native has had a number of OYOs made for him. We’re looking for DNA number MFM-PLY-TMV from his Generation 5 Home uniform minifigure,  available now! Check your minifigure bases for that number. This version was released in February, and we know it’s out there!
Have that DNA number?, you’ll get this amazing Autographed Helmet by the man himself!
If you have any other Adrian Gonzalez minifigures, but not one with that DNA number, post it on social media, #oyodna! If no one claims the prize by next Monday, May 8th, we’ll give the bat to the most creative Gonzalez OYO post!
Remember, every OYO limited edition minifigure has a unique DNA code, special to your minifigure! No two minifigures are exactly alike!
Be in it to win it! Good Luck!
Check out all of the Adrian Gonzalez OYOs we’ve made. Among the most difficult to find:

Adrian Gonzalez OYOCollector_Checklist

  • Australian Opening Day from our Generation 2. Made in January 2014, these were distributed primarily in Australia for the MLB series held there between the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers.
  • RedSox 100th Anniversary Minifigure, issued just before he was traded to the Dodgers, so not many of these were made at all
  • Little League minifigure from our series in 2015 commemorating his time as a Sweetwater Valley Little Leaguer

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