In this week’s edition, we focus on Super Bowl 51!

Tom Brady – Super Bowl 51 Champions

Super Bowl 51 was historic! The Patriots came back for a huge win, over the Falcons in Overtime. The first time a Super Bowl game went to overtime, and the first time a team came back from being down in the third quarter. Tom Brady was the MVP and won his 5th Super Bowl, a record. OYO celebrated the win of our hometown team with a very special collection of minifigures and buildables. We released the Super Bowl Champions minifigures replicating the look in the game of the top stars of the team. We also had a display plate and a locker room set for this great team so fans can recreate their own Super Bowl moments. Finally, as a tribute to Tom Brady, we released a special boxed set of 6 minifigures on a custom Tom Brady #12 display plate. Each of Tom Brady’s 5 Super Bowl Champion minifigures is included, along with an exclusive Locker Room Hat and T-Shirt Champions minifigure. We only made 901 of these sets, and they are sold out.

A full checklist and production report of all OYO Super Bowl releases is attached, along with the info about how we handled our release schedules of SB51! The Julian Edelman Locker Room T and Cap was exclusively distributed by Uber immediately after the exciting Patriots win, that Sunday night! They had only 100, numbered copies. That’s it!

Happy Hunting!

Super Bowl 51 Collector Checklist

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